Leaf Disposal

This project started in July of 2016 to create a brochure to educate the public about why leaves should not be dumped into the lake. We have found that most people have no idea that it is bad to dump leaves into the lake and still consider it common and acceptable practice. We think education may be the best place to start.

This page is currently housing resources for the project and in-progress work of the teams. Here are the tasks currently planned:

  • Write the brochure content (starting with info from documents found below).
  • Design the layout of the brochure.
  • Get initial funding from Ameren and/or LOWA. (Georganne has already looked into this and Ameren is already on board).
  • Create a written agreement with LOWA to be the keeper/owner/maintainer of the completed brochure.
  • Create a list of resources for leaf disposal alternatives (including service companies & if any municipalities offer leaf removal).
  • Possibly create a webpage on the chapter site.
  • Locate sites that are willing to stock/give out the brochure.

Team resources

team email contacts
A list of all team members with their email contact information.

Input materials for educational portion

various topics collected from email conversations
various topics collected from email conversations including how leaves are damaging the fish net at the dam
Keep your leaves out of the lake
Information put together by Georganne
LOWA leaf article
A press release from LOWA about keeping leaves out of the lake. Written by Janet Dabbs.
Leaf Letter
Template for a form lettter that can be sent to residents (I assume they have been acused of dumping) asking them to cease the dumping.
Letter from DNR
A letter that was sent to an individual accused of dumping large amounts of leaves into the lake.
Litter Calculator
A spread sheet put together by Tony Thorpe to analyze the amount of phosphorus that would build up in a pond due to leaf litter. This is mentioned in the "email conversations" document above.
Forest Litter Variability
a scientific paper titled: Understanding Ozark Forest Litter Variability Through a Synthesis of Accumulation Rates and Fire Events (12 pages)
leaf litter abstract
a scientific paper titled: Empirically estimating the lateral transport of riparian leaf litter to lakes (1 page)
nutrient dynamics
Catchment litter
scientific paper titled: Catchment litter: a phosphorus source mobilized during seasonal rainfall (8 pages)