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Conservation Kids Club

On a gloriously beautiful Spring day on March 15...

a group of local children were treated to a Bird Brain day by the Lake of the Ozarks Chapter of the Missouri Master Naturalist program. This event was held at the Missouri Department of Conservation office in Camdenton.

This day was rescheduled from one that had to be canceled due to bad weather in February. This time the weather was fantastic - highs in the70's and sunny - and just in time too, the next day it snowed!

Terri Thompson kicked off the event with a quick introduction to owls.

Glenn Commons led the next activity where everyone got build their own bird feeder to take home. The bird feeder kit was designed and pre-manufactured by Glenn. It had all of the holes conveniently pre-drilled and clever built in keys to help everyone be sure they got the right parts in the right places. All the kids even got their new bird feeder filled up with fresh bird seed.

After Jodi Moulder shared conservation literature about birds with all of the kids, Terri Thompson showed everyone how to dissect their very own owl pellet.

The kids quickly got over their initial EWWWW factor and it wasn't long before there was an informal competition to see who had the most skulls in their owl pellet.

After everyone washed their hands really REALLY well, Joann Billington provided a fun chocolate based snack where everyone got to form the gooey glob into a cookie shaped like an owl pellet. They looked pretty darned convincing, and they were so very delicious! And our hands were all a sticky mess again! How much more fun can you have in one day?

In the photo at right, the owl pellet cookies are being made.
Below left, see how messy our hands got?
Below center, the finished cookie.
Below right, eating the cookie!

Turns out there was more fun! Ed Thompson took us all outside and around the paths to see what birds we could spot. Gerry Williams helped out with identifying bird calls and some birds eggs from last year that we found in one of the nest boxes.

Thanks also to Linda Commons, Sally Bauder, and Lauri Peterson that also helped out with all of the activities. It was a glorious day to be a Missouri Master Naturalist!

Here is gallery of photos on Facebook from the November meeting: Photos - November 2013