Volunteer Service

A wide range of possible volunteer opportunities are available to our members. Activities such as Eagle Days, Stream Team events, and helping out at schools and public libraries are options. Fish counts, turkey watches, and turtle cruising are among other opportunities available. A minimum of 40 hours of volunteer service is required each year to retain certification.

Approved Volunteer Projects

The following tasks/projects are approved for fulfilling your annual 40 hour volunteer service requirement. Other projects/tasks may also qualify, especially since new projects are added throughout the year. This list does not include Capstone projects.

Laurie Park Trail - New trail (.78 miles) currently being constructed. Contact person: Marvin Silliman 573 374-7128 mlsilliman@charter.net

Osage Beach city park pollinator garden - New garden started Spring of 2016. Will be completed in yearly phases. Contact person: Kay Ahrens 573 873-0808 kla1997@charter.net

Shoreline cleanup - Part of the adopt-a-shoreline project. Spring and fall activity. Contact person: Georganne Bowman 573 365-9217 jorjan39@gmail.com

School of the Osage trail (SOTO) - .56 mile trail behind Upper Elementary School in Osage Beach. Contact person: Ted Windels 573 302-1752 mmnlake@gmail.com

Kayak Meet-ups - This a LOWA sponsored activity. Meetups are held the second Saturday each summer month from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Location: at the kayak steps and the shelter house located to the left of the spring parking lot, on the lake, at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camdenton MO. Volunteers assist with guest sign-in, loading and unloading kayaks, helping guests in and out of the kayaks, and sometimes bring their own boats for others to borrow. Contact person: Barbara Fredholm 573 346-2599 bfredholm@charter.net

Goodwin Sinkhole cleanup - Sponsored by Caves and Karst society. Clean up days scheduled as needed and are announced at meetings and through email. Contact person: Ted Windels

Educational Bulletin Boards - Laurie Hillbilly Park Fairground - display is updated monthly. Make a poster of your own, or borrow one from the chapter closet at MDC. Contact person: Carolyn Solomon 573 372-9991 jclakeo@charter.net

Missourians for Monarchs - Help establish native pollinator gardens and increase milkweed habitat, essential for survival of the Monarch butterfly. Public education also a high priority. Contact person: Kay Ahrens 573 873-0808 kla1997@charter.net

Big Niangua River Trail - We are partnering with Ha Ha Tonka State Park, LOWA, and Ameren Missouri on this project. A map and brochure were created. The chapter has agreed to pay for on-going maintenance for replacing damaged or lost signs along the trail. Contact person: Kathy Fayant 573.346.2311 kathyfayant@yahoo.com

Butterfly Habitat Garden - Laurie care center and Laurie Park. Maintenance of a sustainable wildlife habitat garden using native Missouri plants beneficial to butterflies, birds, and insects (all pollinators). In addition to volunteers,the project is looking for donations of native plants, soil, stepping stones, mulch, puddling dishes, butterfly and bird houses. Contact person: Tricia Barrett 573.372.8101 tricia-barrett@sbcglobal.net

MDC Native Plant Garden - You can work anytime and/or there are specific workdays planned. Kathy Fayant is the lead/contact for this project and can be reached at 573-346-2311 or e-mail kathyfayant@yahoo.com

Stream Team - For people interested in helping and becoming members of a stream team. We will be asked to monitor our stream 4 times per year. Contact person: Carolyn Solomon 573 372-9991 jclakeo@charter.net

Eagle Days - In January of each year, MN volunteers are needed to help staff the Eagle Days event held at Willmore Lodge, below Bagnell Dam, and at Osage National golf course. Contact person: Joann Billington 573 372-5168 billington47@gmail.com

Hurricane Deck School outdoor classroom and nature trail – Ongoing clean-up and signage is needed. Work has been done on this project and it will be ongoing. Contact person: Terri Thompson 573 346-2210 terri.thompson@mdc.mo.gov

Adopt a Highway Cleanup - Cleanup takes place 2 to 4 times per year. Contact person: Sally Bauder 573 346-3346 or, Jodi Moulder 573 346-2210 jodi.moulder@mdc.mo.

Conservation Kids Club - Our chapter members provide fun and educational outings at the MDC offices for 3rd-5th graders several times each year. Contact person: Terri Thompson 573 346-2210 terri.thompson@mdc.mo.gov

LOWA - Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance is a chapter partner in frequent need of a variety of volunteer services incuding:

  • Living Wall at Lake Ozark - garden mulching and weeding
  • Education/Outreach (manning booths at festivals and fairs)
  • Stream Team water quality monitoring
  • Trained Volunteer Evaluator (TVE) teams that visit yards and give advice on Low Impact Landsaping (LiLs)
  • Create a LOWA LiLs (Low Impact Landsaping) display board that LOWA will use for presentations. Contact is Caroline Toole at 573.347.2543
  • and much more...
The contact is Caroline Toole, Project Manager 573 480 1492 or email ckingtoole@yahoo.com

Camden County Farmers Market The chapter hosts an educational booth focusing on specific environmental topics. Meets 3rd Saturday May to September, 7am to noon. Contact person: Nancy Hanna-Somers nhannasomers@gmail.com

On-Going chapter support

Chapter fund raising Various activities spring through fall. Contact person: Kathie Bishop 573 346-3867 peacekbishop@yahoo.com

Chapter newsletter The chapter publishes a newsletter four times a year. Any time spent writing articles and photographing chapter activities count as volunteer hours. Contact person: Lauri Peterson 314-878-1665 lauripub@swbell.net

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Update displays & maintenance of trails and flower beds at the MDC office.

Assist DNR at Ha Ha Tonka wih maintenance of trails, transplanting plants around the park, assisting DNR personell with planned Saturday park activities, etc. Contact Larry Webb at 573-346-2986 if interested.

If anyone has ideas or projects that they believe could be used to fulfill the annual 40 hrs of volunteer service requirement please complete a Volunteer Project Approval Form and give to the Projects and Volunteer Service Committee for approval.

MDC Gardens

Eagle Days

Kayak Meetups

Missourians for Monarchs

Candenton Farmers Market

Highway Cleanup